About Our Movies


Knights of Gotham is currently making several sifferent versions of its movies to supply everyone with as much enjoyment as possible.

First off We are making Some movies which involve pure peril and no sexual element, and Porn peril which involves elements of sexual content while setting the heroine in peril. We are also making some movies in which the two formats have been blended, adding peril, erotic peril, and straight sexual content into the mix.

We are also making movies that have several different endings. In one the heroine wins and saves the day, and in some the heroine loses and meets her fate. And thirdly we are offering the movie in which both formats are included. this is done so that those who like it a certain way wiull not feel left out..

Our movies are available mainly as digital Downloads but if you desire a DVD we can burn one for you at a reduced price (as long as two or more movies are added in one disc)